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China Sourcing

We can help you to purchase in factories all over China, visit factories when you need, and export directly from the nearest port

Factory Resources

Have a complete supplier system and a large number of high-quality factory resources to help you get better products and more favorable prices

Yiwu purchasing agent

Guide you to visit the appropriate market and all shops.

Translate and communicate between you and suppliers.

Record the details of your order, including item number, description, size, color, packing, unit price, quantity, volume, minimum order quantity, etc. At the same time, we will take photos of all the products you ordered.

Organize all the recorded information and photos into a quotation and confirm the final order with you.

Arrange suppliers to start production, control risks in purchasing and production process, to solve or avoid any problems of suppliers before problems occur, and ensure that suppliers can deliver goods on time on the premise of ensuring the quality of goods

Translation Service

During your business trip in Yiwu, we will provide you with translation and accompanying services

Logistic Service

We provide air and ocean service to any port in the world at the most favorable price.

Product Design And Packaging

If you order a large quantity, we can design your own brand and make your own packaging according to your requirements. Whether the extra charge depends on the situation;

Warehousing Service

When the production of your order is completed, we will collect the goods of all suppliers into our warehouse, check the goods, count the quantity, and then load the container and transport.

Quality Inspection

We carefully check each product to ensure that the quality and packaging of all products are in good condition, the color, style and size are correct, we guarantee that it is the same as the samle you saw when you placed the order.

Import And Export Documents

Prepare relevant export documents and make customs declaration;

Send all documents to you, including: Bill of lading, invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, etc., to help you with customs clearance at your destination;

After-Sale Service

After you receive the goods, if you find any quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you to solve and claim from the supplier

Quotation Service

When you are not in China or have no plans to go to Yiwu, you only need to send us the parameters, product requirements, pictures, target price and quantity of the goods you need to purchase.

We will search and select the most suitable manufacturer according to your specific demand for quality and price, recommend the same or similar products for you, make a detailed quotation with all information and send it to you.

You will select the product model you need in the quotation and send us the quantity you need to purchase. We will place an order for you.

We can send you the latest product or your favorite product quotation according to your needs

Special Services

To provide you with the best time for business travel, Yiwu weather and other necessary advice;

Send visa invitation letter;

Book comfortable hotels for you at the best price;

Book pick-up vehicles from airport to hotel for you;

To provide you with the best time for business travel, Yiwu weather and other necessary advice;

Help you to book air tickets and train tickets in China;

Provide appropriate suggestions for your travel in China

In a word, we are the best partner for you to purchase in China. Our goal is to complete each customer's order efficiently, conscientiously, responsibly and with high quality, to satisfy the customer and finally realize mutual benefit and win-win.

If you need any product details, please contact us to send you a complete quotation.